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Artist: Jingle Nog

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Ornament by Jingle Nog. Released 2016.

  • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted, Decorated and Glittered In Italy
  • Free Blown Glass Decorated Reindeer Christmas Ornament
  • 6″

Victor's Story

This is the story of a sweet little reindeer named Victor. who could not see well at night, and possessed a great fear of heights. He was not born with an innate sense of direction, he also did not excel in map navigation or flight projections, so he was ever was able to achieving passing exam scores, and remained in deer flight training school for years. Victor never saw the deer team spotlight, and never made the flight on Christmas eve night. Most reindeer would have been brought to tears, but Victor did not care, he relished the roles of volunteer, and top supporter of his peers. He celebrated every deer’s first solo flight by leading group cheers, was the first to lend everyone a paw or an ear, and whatever he possessed or knew he gladly shared. He became universally loved and revered, heralded as the reindeer’s reindeer, and happily lived grounded in anonymity for years.