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Universal Tasting Glass (Wine)

Universal Tasting Glass (Wine)

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Artist: Peugeot

The TASTER® has been designed with great care to allow you to savour the maximum of aromas in the minimum of time. Its smooth, slimline design allows easy transportation and storage but, more important, brings all the qualities of a wine to fore (colours, aromas, a well-balanced taste…). The TASTER® has two hollows at the base and on its inner surface, which have a double function: to be able to hold the glass between two fingers without warming its contents and to air the wine strongly with a rotating motion.
Hold the glass between two fingers. Briskly swirl your glass to air the wine. Put your nose into the top of the mouth of the glass and breathe in the full range of scents. Put your nose deep into the mouth of the glass and you will discover the heavy aromas from the alcohol.