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Satya | Peaceful Journey Lotus Dumortierite Bracelet

Satya | Peaceful Journey Lotus Dumortierite Bracelet

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Artist: Satya

May your new beginning be as peaceful as the lotus that blooms in the stillness of night. A  gemstone bracelet of dumortierite—stone of calm, relaxation, and harmony—lends tranquility to its wearer while a delicate silver lotus flower inspires new beginnings. Wear this stretch bracelet alone, or stack it with other healing gemstone bracelets for a truly personalized look.

  • Lotus - new beginnings, infinite potential
  • Dumortierite - confidence, patience, tenacity
  • Pendant size - 9.75 x 7mm
  • Bead size - 4mm faceted round
  • Bracelet length - 7"
  • 925 sterling silver
  • Made in the USA

Throughout the world, the lotus represents new beginnings, rebirth and infinite potential. In nature, the lotus roots itself in mud, arising daily from the murky water to burst into bloom.

Dumortierite is the stone of communication and self-discipline.