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Baobab | Rainforest - Mayumbe Scented Candle, Max 16

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Artist: Baobab

Cinnamon Wood - Black Pepper - Galbanum

The Mayumbe scented candle is made with a hand-blown glass by our glass craftsmen, scattered with colors ranging from duck blue to saffron yellow. The Mayumbe forest is part of the Congo Basin forest, the second largest tropical forest in the world with 2 million km2. North and south, this forest is a mosaic of wooded savannas with exceptional biodiversity, endangered by the ever-increasing deforestation. Located at an altitude of 600 to 700 meters, the Mayumbe forest is very humid and its temperature ranges between 17 and 20 degrees

Its perfume, with notes of black pepper and galbanum, takes us to the magic of African high plateaus as a woody and refreshing fragrance.

Height: 16cm
Estimated Burning Time: 150 hours - 4 wicks