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Mikea Mena Hazo Max 24 Scented Candle

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Artist: Baobab

Mint Leaves – Vetiver Roots – Ylang Ylang

Mena Hazo means “red tree” in Malagasy. This scented candle is part of the Mikea collection, which celebrates the often-overlooked ancient tribe of Madagascar. The Mikea people have been forced to settle just outside their native forest, in the village of Bodu, unable to live in an environment threatened by constant fires. This scented candle is a blend of beige and red ochre, a design that represents the trees that catch fire in this endangered forest. Once lit, the Mena Hazo candle sets a warm mood, and is a chic design object to accompany any interior.

The Mena Hazo candle’s fragrance combines fresh and organic notes. Its scent, a blend of vetiver and mint leaves, takes you to the abundant flora found in the Mikea forest.