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Mikea Manou Max 10 Scented Candle

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Artist: Baobab

Mint Leaves - Vetiver Roots - Ylang Ylang

The Manou scented candle is covered in natural raffia with small black insertions that resemble seeds. This open motif brings a touch of transparency whilst staying true to the collection’s tribal aesthetic. The two sculpted small black horns are a reference to the warrior traditions that the candle was inspired by. The Mikea collection, which includes Manou candle, is an ode to the ancient tribes of Madagascar and the ancestral knowledge of the Malagasy people. Once lit, let the light of the flame that shines through the raffia take you away into the realm of the mysterious and magical.

Its scent contains notes of vetiver and ylang ylang, a fresh combination straight from the heart of the Mikea territory that once extended all the way to the canals of Mozambique.