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Fern In Fog Linen Dress

Fern In Fog Linen Dress

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Artist: Hazel Village

In the summertime when flowers bloom in the meadow, Fern by Hazel Village traipses there with her gathering basket and her flower press. She says she is trying to find every kind of flower that grows there. She also has a field guide with the names of the flowers. Her favourite is a tiny purple flower with a minty smell. It has many names, including ground ivy, catsfoot, and run-away-robin.

Fern is made of organic cotton jersey. She is approximately 35.5cm tall, sized to share clothes with all the other Hazel Village animals. Her face and toes are hand embroidered with cotton thread. Her cheeks are a little bit pink. She’s stuffed with washable poly fill.

Fern comes wearing a linen dress in a soft shade of lavender gray, and organic cotton underwear.

Fern comes swaddled in a collectable bandanna, perfumed with a lavender sachet.