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Woodstock Chimes | Chimes Solitaire Stand

Woodstock Chimes | Chimes Solitaire Stand

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Artist: Woodstock Chimes

Can accommodate up to a 29" chime, bell or gong with a max. weight of 1.5 lb.

We've solved the question of where to hang a Woodstock Chime even in the absence of an obliging tree. With practical elegance, this distinctive Celebration Stand - Small beautifully displays the world's favorite windchime™ wherever it is desired. Appropriate for use indoors or out, this stand works equally well when placed on a tabletop, floor or lawn. This stand makes a beautiful addition to a garden or home. Used with a favorite chime, it adds a musical note to any ceremony or memorial. Hang a Woodstock Chime in the perfect spot, wherever that may be.

Holds maximum weight of 1.5 lb.
Dimensions: 31 in. Tall, 12 in. Wide, 12 in. Deep
Materials: Black powder-coated steel