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Chess Piece Set

Chess Piece Set

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Artist: Boma

Complete chess set (without board)

Fine museum reproduction of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Haida Gwaii collection. Carved by Christian White in 1997, the 7 main figures of Haida mythology are represented within the chess traditions. As a game of chess has only six characters, the two Rooks were each assigned a different Haida figure, completing the Haida pantheon without affecting the strategy of the game. The artist chose his father's Eagle clan to represent the King and his mother's clan of the Raven to represent the Queen; the Bishop became the Frog; the Knight, the Killer Whale; the Rocks became the Bear and Beaver; and the Pawn took on the human form of the Watchman. The original chess pieces were carved from argillite, a soft stone only found on Haida Gwaii. Individual pieces are also sold separately as small figurine