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Bubinga Moontide 3 Mirror Kaleidoscope

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Artist: Henry Bergeson

The Moontide, a handmade kaleidoscope by offers the viewer an elegant, liquid-filled object case that twists and turns gracefully about two axes, meaning that it can be twisted and turned. The Moontide shows you a bit of your surroundings or it’s brass trim, mixed in with the cool contents of the cell itself, giving you a world of color and patterns at your fingertips.  Because of the way it catches the light, it’s is a long time favorite that creates a dynamic flow of images to behold. This results in a object that is not only a total pleasure to look through and use, it is a pleasure to simply look at it sitting there. 

The 3 mirror configuration has a circular mandala image. The third mirror generates a whole series of patterns.