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Blackened Sterling Silver, 17 Jewel, Mechanical Skeleton Pocket Watch Key Ring

Regular price $470.00

Artist: Tateossian

Our luxurious pocket watches are made from brass, with IPS coating. The extraordinary skeleton movement can be seen through the glass, with each component of the movement ticking and turning, the inner mechanism available to be marvelled at. The skeleton movement features 17 jewels and can be hand wound, each time it is fully winded it will last for 30+ hours. The intricate in built safety mechanism ensures excessive winding will not damage the movement. Our pocket watch comes with a pocket chain, finished with lobster clasps and keyring ring. The watch can be worn in your pocket, or can also stand alone if you pull the back to release the stand. An exquisite luxury item, the perfect gift to pass on to the next generation, to become your family heirloom. Available in two different finishes.


Chain length: 40.5cm