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BB Becker | Mother Of Mine

BB Becker | Mother Of Mine

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Artist: BB Becker

Mother of Mine, bright star in my life, because of you I know what love is, when to hug, and how to shop.

From the moment you were born, she was the bright star of your world. She’s always been there for you with words of wisdom, a welcoming hug, or an invitation to head out for some retail therapy. Your mother knows just what you need and when you need it. Sometimes that’s a shoulder to cry on and sometimes it’s a shopping spree.

The quote engraved on a substantial sterling silver charm starts with beautiful sentiments and ends with a fun quip. It reflects the full scope of a mother’s love. The child-sized charm fits into a space crafted into the mother-sized charm as a beautiful representation of your bond.

Whether you give this necklace as a Mother’s Day gift, a birthday surprise, or a Christmas present, your mom is sure to light up like the star she is when she sees it.