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Baobab | Candle Sand Siloli (max 10)

Baobab | Candle Sand Siloli (max 10)

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Artist: Baobab

The hand-blown glasses of the Siloli candle showcase shades of beige and brown on which horizontal lines are formed with small organic and random specks. Each glass is unique, as the sandy color dissolves in the material according to the glass blower’s breath. 


Cedarwood - Tonka Bean - Green Lemon

The dry woody fragrance of cedar and tonka bean takes us to the wide-open spaces of an equatorial climate, with a touch of lime to give this fragrance an unusual fresh-ness. The sophistication of the olfactory materials is in perfect harmony with that of the glass, striking a beautiful balance between decorative and perfumed object.

est burn time 60 hours

4 Wicks