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Windsinger Chimes Of Athena, Black

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Artist: Woodstock Chimes

Dimensions: 44 in. Overall Length
Material: Black aluminum ring, 6 black aluminum tubes, removable windcatcher for easy customization

The trifecta! Lasting resonance, contemporary styling and a beautiful song.

Our Windsinger Chimes series combines the very finest artistry and craftsmanship, with computer-age technology allowing you to experience a whole new dimension of beautiful sound. Made from super-thick-walled aluminum tubes which are specially-suspended, these wind chimes resonate much longer than other windchimes, bathing you in waves of enduring harmony every time the wind blows.

Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, weaving, crafts and war was the patron of craftsmen and artisans. She was the protector of Athens where Plato taught, the life of man in every part has need of harmony and rhythm."

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