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#5 Bird's-Eye Maple Cutting Board 15" X 19"

#5 Bird's-Eye Maple Cutting Board 15" X 19"

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Artist: Edward S. Wohl

15" X 19"

Bird's-Eye Maple Cutting Boards

Edward's solid bird's-eye maple cutting boards are unlike any you've seen. Each board is crafted by joining sections from a single piece of specially selected, figured bird's-eye maple, so the wood tone and figuring are consistent throughout. Each is precision-shaped and beveled for graceful shape and balance. Individually hand-sanded and finished to a sensual silkiness, each board is an art object designed to add aesthetic and utilitarian pleasure to your daily life.

Some owners display their cutting boards as art and hesitate to use them. However, they are designed to provide many years of service and satisfaction; minimal care will preserve their appearance.

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